Good communication starts at the top, and is essential to a successful project. We keep our project volume low to ensure each job will be overseen by one of our partners. Project teams are handpicked with careful consideration given to both the skills required for the job and the chemistry between team members and client. This level of personal attention has been the key to our high level of customer satisfaction for more than 40 years.

Quality, value, and schedule management are our top priorities on every project.
To ensure optimal accuracy and transparency in our budgeting process, we assemble all parties involved – construction team, architect and client – for a review of the design development documents and specifications that will inform the preliminary budget.

From there, all parties remain in constant communication through the completion of construction documents. Roughly halfway through the document development process, an updated estimate will be provided, if necessary, to reflect any scope or specification changes.

Prior to delivery of the final budget, multiple bids will be acquired from our diversified and highly skilled subcontractor base. This allows us to maximize cost savings while maintaining the highest level of quality. Final budget is delivered upon completion of all construction documents.

The construction schedule is finalized following the conclusion of the budgeting process. The schedule is reviewed on-site during weekly project meetings, updated accordingly and shared between all interested parties. Our goal when managing our schedules is to not only meet critical path milestones, but to anticipate the important decisions and conversations that could potentially impede the achievement of those milestones.

Billing is tracked on an ongoing basis against the approved budget. In support of our commitment to accuracy in bidding, we are careful to avoid any deviation from the approved budget. When there is just cause, any change to the budget will be substantiated by a change order, which will be subject to final approval by the client.